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Your reaction to “My best friend Sherlock Holmes… is dead.”:

Your reaction to Sherlock receiving the deerstalker:

Your reaction to Moriarty breaking into the Crown Jewels:

Your reaction to the girl screaming at Sherlock:

Your feelings when John and Sherlock are handcuffed together:

Your reaction when you see “Rich Brook”:

Your reaction when Mrs Hudson is “shot”:

Your feelings during Sherlock’s “note” to John

Your reaction when Sherlock jumps:

Your feelings during the grave scene:
 aka brb crying
Your reaction to Sherlock being alive:
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30 Day Sherlock Challenge: Day 12

Hm.....whatever tickles my fancy.

Look at that LOVE. I can stare at it forever.
This may the unaired pilot, but you can tell that the chemistry is there.
Both the actors committed to their roles....and look what it gave us.
Two successful seasons (so far). Looking forward to more.