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LETTER H~Help! I Need Somebody! (Gabilliam) Ch. 1/5

Title: Help! I Need Somebody!
Author: ClariesR4ever
Pairing: Gabe Saporta/William Beckett
Rating: Teen, Mature
POV: Gabe`s
Summary: All Gabe wanted to accomplish was get milk. It had been a long day at Taco Loco. Little did he know that he would be held in a 5 day hostage situation that the little town of Luaz would soon be famous for. Little did he know that with the help of Will Beckett, another hostage who simply wanted to get flowers for his daft apartment, he would save the day.

"Shy, William?"
He blushed. It was so freakin` adorable.
"S-S-Sorta of." He said. "Just a-around a h-h-hot g-guy."
This time, I blushed. He called me hot. Now he was just asking to be kidnapped and held in my basement.

Song of this prompt: "Help" by The Beatles

Gabe Pov

"Vicky! Please!" I agrued, putting on my blinker to make a lane change. "All I want to do is go home!"
"Gabriel, please. It will only take 10 minutes to get milk."
"Why can`t Ryland go?" I whined. Sure, I pulled that card, but I was tired!
"He just got off a 36 hour shift. He`s sleeping."
"I just got off from a 8 hour shift on my feet!"
Shoot! I`m stuck behind a old lady!
"He has to rest. If he doesn`t, he gets cranky. I don`t want to introduce mom and dad to my cranky fiance!"
"SHOOT! That dinner is tonight?"
A pause.
"Did you forget again?"
"Maybe." I mumbled into the phone as I flew past the old lady.
"Please, Gabey. Please."
Don`t give in. Don`t give in.
"Why do you even need milk?"
"To make my Vick-tastic muffins!"
"Gabe, I`ll give you a whole basket of my muffins if you grab two milks."
"Fine." I said as I made a left turn, turning into Joe`s Grocer.
"Thank You!" she said before hanging up.
"Stupid sister......."
I should have known I would lose that battle. Vicky Sparota was a mean neotiator. Poor Ryland had to deal with THAT once they were married, poor guy.
I walked through the jedi doors, eyeing the other customers before I began to fast walk towards the milk.
The store was partically empty, another lone day. It was too nice to be inside.
The bored teenagers barely glanced up as I walked past, too 'busy' reading their magazines or playing their gameboys. I didn`t mind that..I mean, I would be bored too.

A lady, maybe 80 years old, passed me by, a bag of groceries in both hands.
Two seconds later, a mother dragging her 6 year old son, a bag of bread in the other.

I reached the milk section, grabbing both handles in my left hand as I closed the cold away. It felt nice against my skin.
I wanted to go home.
Now that my mission was complete, I turned on my heel, headed for the cashier.

Until I saw the most beautiful boy I had ever seen.

His brown hair ended in curls around his shoulders. He was tall, his body thin. His face was thin-boned, his cheekbones high. He had the deepest brown eyes I had ever seen.
What was his name?

He was looking at flowers. That could either mean for his girlfriend, mother...or his boyfriend. I was hoping the latter.
Turning, I headed for the flowers, a smile on my face and thinking of a plan along the way.
What shuld I say? Should I just pretend to bump into him?
I choose to bump into him, catching his pale skin with the two milk jugs.
He shreiked.
"Sorry!" I pretended as I glanced back. The poor boy looked scared.
"I-It`s f-f-fine." he whsipered back.
"I`m Gabe." I introduced myself, sticking my hand up for a handshake.
He looked even prettier up close.
Debating in his head, he whispered back "I-I-I`m W-Willia-am."
William. That was beautiful.
"Shy, William?"
He blushed.
It was so freakin` adorable.
"S-S-Sorta of." He said. "Just a-around a h-h-hot g-guy."
This time, I blushed. He called me hot. Now he was just asking to be kidnapped and held in my basement.
"Now, you just asked for me to ask you. Wanna go on a date?"
"Want my number?"
He blushed even deeper, giving me a sharp nod.
By now, his head was down, a curtain of brown hair in front of his eyes.
"Hey." I said softly, lifting his head.
"Don`t be shy. I won`t bite!"
"I`m g-g-ona have t-t-to figure t-that out m-myself."
Gosh, this kid was kinky.
I liked it.
I laughed.
"I`m g-g-glad I am-muse y-you."
William, you do amuse me.
"You do." I said.
"So w-what`s y-your n-num-mber?" he asked as he pulled out his 'Reality' phone.

"EVERYONE FREEZE!!!!!!!" came a loud voice.
Sharply, I turned my head. At the jedi doors stood 4 guys and 1 girl, all dressed in black. No masks like the movies portay, but all had handguns.
Shoot. (Not literally of course.)
"EVERYBODY DOWN ON THE FLOOR!" yelled the center guy, waving his gun aorund like a cowboy to a rope.
I dropped down, grabbing the arm of the William as I did.
Poor guy was frozen in shock.
He was shaking, still cluthching his phone.
"Hey, it`s ok." I whispered to him.

"QUIET!" came the female voice, eyeing us in the corner of her eye. "WE SAID NO TALKING!"
"Everybody is too line up in the center of the store...NOW!" he screamed as nobody moved.
"NOW!" shouted the big man.
Hustling, I saw around 8 people begin to scurry into a line.
I grabbed Will`s hand, and began to hustle him into the line. The poor guy was shaking.
"It`s ok." I whispered to him, squeezing his hand.
Looking up, I saw fear in his eyes.
Worse then fear, but....pain?
"So, let`s see what our catch is boys...and Lisa." the middle man smirked. He was a middle age, maybe around 30, italin with a mane of thick black hair. He seemed like the leader of the crew.
"STATE YOUR NAME AND AGE WHEN WE ASK YOU. ANY FALSE INFORATION WILL RESULT IN DEATH!" said the tall man. Now he was like the movie bad guy. Tall, thick....bald.
Beter not say that aloud, Gabe.

"Name." said a thin, blonde-haired man. He was beginning at the start of the line, at a young mother holding a 3 year old son.
"Martha Vineyard and James."
"How old?"
"25 and 2."
Oh one year off!
"Andrew Strini" said an around 20ish year old man, dressed in tan slacks and a blue polo.
One year off again!
"Barbara Stern." said a tall for her age, brown-haired kid.
"How old are ya?" asked the guy.
"15, sir."
"Charles Duncan-Scott the 3rd." said the Harry Potter man. He looked around 40ish.
Harry Potter all grown up!
"Lucas Alden." came a deep voice. He was short, but had the muscle to make up for it. He looked around 18.
Three Strikes I`m out!
"Hannah Royce and Samantha" came another mother, late 30`s, holding the hand of her maybe 6 year old daughter.
"How old?"
"39 and 6."
"You?" he said, now in front of me.
He needed to get his eyebrows waxed. Badly!
"Gabriel Sparota."
"Age, Mexican man?"
"And you?" he said to William, whom was still shaking and holding my hand.
"W-W-William B-B-"
"SPIT IT OUT!" screamed the man, slapping William in the face.
"William B-Beckett Junior." he whispered. His head bowed, his curtain up again.
"How old are ya, W-William." he teased.
"Very good. Now that we know who you are, don`t try any tricks. We are not afraid to kill anyone, including the little brats!" yelled the italin.
The little kids, bless them, whimpered in fear.
"Now, we`re gonna encort each one of you to call your parents, guardian, whatever you have, to tell them about this situation. No tricks, remember?"
"What i-if w-we have no family?" William whispered.
"No family? No parents?" the man questioned.
Be strong, William.
"Died when I was 17."
"An older sister who lives in Flordia with her family."
So he`s the youngest? That`s intersetting...
"Her family? What does her husband do?"
"A b-boy and a g-girl."
"Good. Then THEY would have some money to spare!" the man said with a quirky smile.
He walked away, now joing 'Lisa' as the group huddled.
"Hey, are you ok?" I whispered to the still-shaking William.
"C-Courtn-ney w-will n-n-never give any m-money for m-me. S-She h-hates m-m-me."
"Why, why does she hate you?"
"S-She blames me for my parent`s death. As s-she s-s-should."
"William! How can you say that?"
"Because its my fault."
How could a death be his fault?
"How?" I whispered. "How is it YOUR fault?"

"SHUSH!" the tall man said as he whisked over to Martha and James, whom was crying.
"I`m sorry, he`s just cranky because-"
"SHUT UP!" the man bellowed again.
He better not HIT a women..
Martha was shaking.
"No talking! Do I have to repeat myself again and again??"
"No, sir." Barbara alone said to his statement.
He stormed over to the little huddle.

"William, I`m sure she`ll give you money." I whispered to him.
He only shook his head, eyes glued to the floor.
I rubbed his hand softly.
Poor guy.

"Cell phones! Put your cell phones, pagers, etc in the bucket! NO EXPECTIONS!" the blonde man yelled.
Checking my phone for one last time, 117 text messages and 90 missed calls filled the screen, all from one person: Vicky.
She was going to be MAD at me.
No, Furious.
Clanks of metal on metal soon filled the silent room.
The Dare, a old flip phone, My EnV 3, Will`s Reality...

"Alright! It`s now 8 p.m.! We have been in this store for a hour! We are now going to unlock the back doors so you guys can get seetled for the night!" said the leader.
"What about calling our families?" said Andrew.
He looked worried.
"Tommorrow morning, don`t you worry!"
"My husband is going to be so worried..." Hannah began, rocking Samantha softly to comfort the crying child.
"Did you not hear me?" the leader shouts, not storming over to be face to face with her.
"Tommorrow. When the media arrives."
"The media? You`re calling-" Andrew began, fury and panic on his features.
"SHUSH! Or I`ll shoot you right where you stand." the man says in a calm voice.
Everyone is silent.

Shuffling us in a single file line, we walked slowly into the backdoors of the Grocer. Aka the Storage space/office where Joe, the owner, set up.
Cold meet our skin, yet they still shuffled us forward.
"Seetle in for the night. We provided blankets and pillows, right in the middle there. No sounds, no crying out...nothing. No-one can hear you anyways." The bald guy says, then shuts the sturdy behind him.

It`s silent, then Barbara says "The mothers can have two blankets and pillows."
Everyone mumbles their agreement, still in shock over the day.

Hannah grabs two blankets and only one pillow, half trying to comfort the crying Samantha and manging her hold. I quickly rush over, and grab Samantha from her arms.
"Shush little Sammie, it`s alright." I mumble into her ear, smiling as her baby blue eyes slowly close.
"Thank You." Hannah says as I hand her over, one blanket on the floor and one to use as a blanket.
"No prob!" I say, trying to give a full-on Gabe smile, but not finding the strength.

Everyone is in their own little bubble, trying to find a way on how they could be held hostage, HOW could they be the ones?

It`s simple, really. Wrong place in the wrong time.

Vicky is going to KILL me.
Skin me alive, then kill me!

That is, if my mother doesn`t find me first.

I find myself walking over to a shaking Will in a dark corner, cluthing his blanket like a mother to a child.
He looks so scared.

He looks so alone.

"Hey." I say in a quiet whisper.
"Are you alright?" I ask as I throw an arm around his shaking shoulders.
So cold.
"I-I-I-I-I" he tries, but too many stutters and he shuts his mouth.
Ducking his head like a scolded child!
"It`s ok, Will."
His eyes connect to mine, and I see unshed tears.
"Courtney w-will never give t-the r-r-robbers m-money. S-She h-h-hates me. She`ll l-leave m-me to die."
Barbara, I see, makes her way over.
"I`m alone too, William."
"Y-You a-are?"
"My parents hardley remember they have a 15-year-old daughter."
"I-I`m s-s-sorry." Will mumbles as he takes Barbara`s hand.
"I`m sorry for you! You`re reconized but hated!" she states back.

"I rather be invisible." he says in barely a whisper.

Silence cues once more in the backroom. 
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