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Help! I Need Somebody! 2/6

Title: Help! I Need Somebody!
Author: ClariesR4ever
Pairing: Gabe Saporta/William Beckett
Rating: Teen, Mature
POV: Gabe`s
Summary: All Gabe wanted to accomplish was get milk. It had been a long day at Taco Loco. Little did he know that he would be held in a 5 day hostage situation that the little town of Luaz would soon be famous for. Little did he know that with the help of Will Beckett, another hostage who simply wanted to get flowers for his daft apartment, he would save the day.



 "Gabe, you have to get up. C`mon."

 What? Are you now my mom Will?

Song of this prompt: "Help" by The Beatles
Prompt: "Hostage"

 "Rise and shine! The media is here, and ready for you in 15 minutes! Everybody up! C`mon everybody!" cried Lisa, her voice high in the silent room.

 "Why is she so happy?" Will`s sleepy voice filled my ears.

 Opening my eyes, I realized that the sun was indeed shining and ready for the day. The lights flickered on and off continually in the backroom, and everyone was stirring. Groans filled the room, and soon I sat up. After stretching my arms, I felt a little more awake and I blinked my eyes clear of sleep. I realized William was digging through a dirty green backpack.

 "Everybody get freshened up! We have placed bags around you with toilettes and clothes. Bathroom is over there, you ALL have 10 minutes!"

 So that was why there were green bags around the room. Andrew, fresh from the bathroom, dug through his backpack and pulled out a red t shirt, faded jeans and sandals.

Martha was singing to the still asleep James, trying to wake him gently. She was already dressed in a black and white 50’s style dress paired with elegant black sandals and her hair curled into a bun on top of her head. Barbara, sitting on her pile of blankets in the far corner, was dressed in a blue flannel shirt with blue jeans. Lucas was hurriedly running to the bathroom for his turn, hair a mess.

 Groaning, I fell back into the blanket and pillow next to William`s. I didn`t want to get up!

 "Gabe, you have to get up. C`mon."

 What? Are you now my mom Will?

 One eye open at Will, I grinned and teased, "Do I?"

 "Yes. C`mon, here are your clothes and toothbrush. You better be fast." he said.

 Perfect mom response.

 Grabbing the bundle, I put all my body weight into my feet as I shifted up. I hurried to the little corner bathroom, passing Lucas who was now in a nice red button-down and faded jeans and sneakers.

 "Lookin’ good, Luke!" I nodded in approval.

A smirk, then he was gone.

 Back from my change, the room was now in an assemble of everyone around the door. Martha, James, Barbara, Charles, Hannah and Sammie. Hannah dressed in a faded yellow sundress and sandals, Sammie in an old polka-dot dress with snap buttons. Will, the beautiful Will, dressed in a thin long sleeved blue shirt, jeans and black sandals.

 "You look good in those cheap clothes, Gabe." he said, looking me up and down. A faint blush on his pale skin.

 Looking at myself, I noticed that Will had chosen the more worn clothes out of the bag, leaving me the nicer (if you call them that) ones. I was dressed in a newer blue shirt, blue jeans, then complete with a worn purple zip-up sweatshirt. I’ll  have to have a talk to Will about being too nice...

 "I know I do!"

 "Everyone ready?" came the gruff voice of the bald man.

 Grasping William’s trembling hand, I followed the group to the main area of the library. A long table and gray chairs were placed around it. Paper and pens in the middle.

"Sit. You are to write a statement to your friends, family, etc. Nothing about the situation inside, but you know, love to the family, kids..all that jazz."

 Sitting, everybody first glanced at each other before grabbing a piece of paper and a pen to write.

One more squeeze of Will`s hand, I grabbed a piece myself and thought of what I should say.

 Something...Gabe-ish. Something funny. Nothing too bad to make Vicky or mum cry, but something to cheer them up a bit to let them know I was ok.

 Hey Dad, Mom, Vicky, Ry.

 I`m sorry I missed the dinner, and I`m sorry for ruining it because of your worry about me. As you can see, I`m a bit caught-up. (Ha, sorry for that little joke.) I met this beautiful boy named William, who I learnt is disowned by his only remaining family, his sister. He is such a wonderful, funny, kind boy who deserves to be loved. Before this all happened, I ended up asking him on a date. It seems like only my family and Will are the ones who are helping me survive this. Anyways, I love you all, SO much!


 Looking up, I glance around, only hearing the scratch of pens on paper. Glancing to my right, I see Will`s paper.

Don`t look, Gabe.


Don`t look!


Dear Courtney,

Courtney, I love you. I know you don`t believe me when I say it, but I do. I love you. I`m sorry for messing up your perfect life. I`m sorry for all the changes when mom and dad died. I tried to keep our lives straight, but it all went wrong. Please, Courtney, please send my love to Dennis, Lily, and Patrick. Please, please know I love you. I`m sorry for getting myself into another mess.

Love, Will

"Mess?" I ask him.

 Startled, he glances up at my eyes, then back at his paper. "Y-yeah."

 "What was Courtney`s perfect life?"

 "G-G-Gabe, it`s nothing..."



 "C`mon Will. What was your perfect life?" Martha asks from across the table, James in her lap.

 "We lived… a very wealthy lifestyle. M-mom stayed at home and D-dad was a very famous lawyer. Courtney had straight A`s and was a cheerleader. I performed on Free Mic every Friday, then hung with my friends just driving around. It seemed like I was happy, but...then. Then that day happened."


 "I had bugged my parents to drive me up to this famous guitar display 40 minutes away. M-my car was broken down, and Court was visiting her boyfriend so they w-were the only ones who could drive me. My dad agreed, and w-w-we piled into t-the car. O-On the w-way there t-t-there was a d-drunk d-driver who was swerving around the lanes. H-He..he crashed," a sob escaped his mouth before he muttered "They were hit straight on. I only ended up with a broken ankle."

 Silence filled the room.

 "T-They were killed. Court blamed m-me."


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