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Masterpost Stroies of Clarie


What A Great Day (For A White Wedding) (2/2)  (Gabilliam)   COMPLETE!

A 2-part story of Will and Gabe`s Wedding

'There`s Nothing Else To Lose (But You)' ?/40 (Gabilliam) 

Cobra Starship was getting bigger and brighter each way. But of course, fame had a price. Each of the Cobras lost a bit of their true selves. However that all changed the night when Gabe meet William, an abused sexually emotionally and physically intern aka slave for one of the bands on tour. Through these diary pages, is the year-long adventure of Gabe and William.

'The Lonely Beast and the Troubled Beauty (Beauty and The Beast Prompt "Letter T") Ch. 10/10'

William Eugene is the 17-year-old shy Junior that travels around the US everytime his mom remarries, which is often. He has learned to be un-social. Hardly uses his voice to speak. What`s the point? No one listens to him anyway. He just silently wishes that one day he would find a love that will be forever his, just like the 'fairytales' he reads in his books.
Gabriel Eduardo is an 18-year-old lazy Senior, born in wealth and able to pay his way to the top. His whole High School experience has been parties, parties, school, parties, parties....etc. Popular with both boys and girls, he the partyer of all partyers. His GPA is non-exist, his grades the lowest anyone has ever known.

With a step in from the principal, the beauty and the beast meet. Over time, the two bring out the fears the other has hid.....Gabe`s fear of loneliness, and William`s hunt to find true love.

'Left Behind': A Rent Story
Mark was left with Roger, MImi, Maureen, JoAnn, and Collin s children for a chance of stardom. 8 years later, they return to NY to re-meet now twice divorced Mark with two children, new charactors and new personalities for their children.

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'Help! I Need Somebody!  Ch. 6/6 (Prompt "Letter H", Hostage) (Gabilliam)  COMPLETE! 

All Gabe wanted to accomplish was get milk. It had been a long day at Taco Loco. Little did he know that he would be held in a 5 day hostage situation that the little town of Luaz would soon be famous for. Little did he know that with the help of Will Beckett, another hostage who simply wanted to get flowers for his daft apartment, he would save the day.


'Smile' (Gabilliam) Prompt of Letter P

It`s hard to go through a breakup. Sometimes, you just need to smile through it, no matter how hard it is.


Nothing Else To Lose (But You)

Will`s CD

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