January 23rd, 2012

in honor of


You might be wondering why my new picture are the intials of HLP. It`s simple. It`s to honor the memory of one of my dearest friends who thought her life would be happier if she wasn`t living.

She was bi-polar, and sometimes choose to go days without her medication. But honestly, she was the sweetest person who HONESTLY cared about you and would LITERALLY do anything to make you smile. I loved her for that.

She choose to end her life on a Friday night around 11:30 pm with a bullet through her head. She was 14.

I simply could not believe she thought her life was so bad. Then I learned that she bullied about her disorder and how she was "different".

A normal person, who loved Bruno Mars, and the color yellow. Her favorite song was 'Talking To The Moon' (Bruno Mars). But she`s gone. Harmony Lee Prosser, is gone.

I love you Harmoo, and I always will. And now that you have heard her story, I hope you do too. Because she was a kind soul and should be remembered for that instead of her death.
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