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Help! I Need Somebody! 4/6

Title: Help! I Need Somebody!
Author: ClariesR4ever
Pairing: Gabe Saporta/William Beckett
Rating: Teen, Mature
POV: Gabe`s
Summary: All Gabe wanted to accomplish was get milk. It had been a long day at Taco Loco. Little did he know that he would be held in a 5 day hostage situation that the little town of Luaz would soon be famous for. Little did he know that with the help of Will Beckett, another hostage who simply wanted to get flowers for his daft apartment, he would save the day.

But his was stunning. It make my heart flutter. I lost my breath. I was already falling for this thin creature out of four days of knowing him. And he was, I suspect, falling for me.



His warm brown eyes are filled with laughter, his adorable grin stretched across his face as Andrew continues to crack jokes to the group huddled together on the red blanket in the middle of the room. His laughter  echoing throughout the room, a sweet sound that merrily rings in my ear. His greasy, yet silky, hair that falls into his eyes. He keeps brushing it behind his ear.


Oh, dear William.


It was around 12 a.m., and the whole gang was sitting around after a lunch of sandwiches and pop from the store. This morning, after breakfast, our kidnappers told us to stay in our backroom or 'else there will be trouble.' Five hours and food later, we are still stuck in this room.


"Gabey! Come over!" he says, noticing me hiding in the corner with my notebook and pen.


Correction: Will`s notebook and pen. He had three of them in his guy bag.


I get up, crossing the room and sit next to his thin body on the ratty blanket. He throws his arm through mine, bringing warmth to my body. I smile.


He smiles back, then, "You ok?" His eyes now filled with concern.


"Just thinking. Writing," I say softly in his ear, feeling him flinch when my breath makes contact with his pale skin. I grin, happy at the effect I have with him.




"Yup. For my band, Cobra Starship." Well, group for now, band to be.


"That’s sweet. I wish I had a band,"


"You`ll be a brillant singer." I say, stroking his arm. He is so soft, warm, pleasant to be around.


I know that he could use his singing for better. Last night, James woke up crying in his sleep. No matter what Martha did-sing, rock, whispher softly into his ear-he would not calm down. All of us were worried about waking up the burgalars. We heard the bald man start to toss and turn outside the door.


What did William do? He got up, grabbed James-Jim-out off Martha`s arms gently and started to sing. It took 5 minutes until Jim finally slept. Slept untill seven this morning.


But his was stunning. It make my heart flutter. I lost my breath. I was already falling for this thin creature out of four days of knowing him. And he was, I suspect, falling for me.


"I doubt that." he ducked his head.


I sighed. This was one of the things I didn`t understand about Will. How he was ashmad about the talents he had. Someone, his sister?, must have told him about being ashmad about them.


"You`re brillant. Never let ANYONE tell you otherwise." I whispher back.


I kept telling him over and over. He needed to be reminded about his beauty, grace...his wonderful singing.


"You hardly realize what a effect you have on me. To think we just meet four days ago."


Confirmed! I knew it!


"You guys are beautiful together." Andrew commented, leaving his jokes behind. Martha nodded her head in agreement.


"Thanks." Will whisphered. His cheeks were red, but his eyes were shinning.


"Who told you to be ashmad about your talents?" Martha asked.


Silence. I looked at Will`s face, which was white and flushed. He was nervous, so I clasped his hand into my hopefully warm one to bring him comfort. He relaxed, and said into the silence "My sister."


"Your sister is dumb. You are brillant!" Andrew cries to the room.


"Here here to that!" Lucas says.


"Thanks you guys. I feel...I feel like I finally have friends." Friends, I notice, is spoken more softly.


"`Course we`re you`re friends!" Luke says. The whole room adds their input, more cheers and hugs of encouragement for Will. Will simply blushes, but doesn`t duck his head.


"Will, I can understand about put-downs." Andrew says as warm silence fills the room.




"I.." he takes a deep breath, a hand squeeze from Barbara, and he finishes "My dad used to an alcholic."




The silence breaks when the bald man comes into the room, letting the door bang against the wall. It echoes around the silence. We all stare in puzzlement at the man, who is glancing at each of our faces untill he finds Will. A smirk grows on his face, like a tumor.


"William Beckett. Get over here." he says, slowly.


Will scurries over, fear on his face as he grabs his short-sleeve purple shirt, trying to cover his goosebump skin. If only I could him in my arms, reminding in his ear of how I am here, I am here to hold him.


"This way." He points towards the door.


One more glance at each of our faces, and he exits.



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