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There`s Nothing Else To Lose (But You) 24/?

Title: There`s Nothing Else To Lose (But You)
Author: ClariesR4ever
Pairing: Gabe Saporta/William Beckett (Others)
Rating: Teen, Mature
POV:  Chiz`s Pov

Summary: Cobra Starship was getting bigger and brighter each way. But of course, fame had a price. Each of the Cobras lost a bit of their true selves. However that all changed the night when Gabe meet William, an abused sexually emotionally and physically intern aka slave for one of the bands on tour. Through these diary pages, is the year-long adventure of Gabe and William.

Warnings: mentions of abused, neglected, singing, lovesick boys! Oh and Fuel For Ramon bands

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Lyrics from 'Seed' by TAI



Previous Chapters:

Song of the chapter: Seed by TAI

Official Editor: Hayman <3

December 4th, 2009

Chiz`s Pov

Subjects are thrown around the room

Looking for the ones that got away

"Looking for ones that got away? Is that a personal reference?" Sisky added, nudging Will softly.

Will smiled, laughing softly as he shook his short brown curls. "I was simply stating..."

Mike cut in, laughing "No need for long explantions, Bilvy, we believe ya!"

It was a rainy December afternoon. TAI had come together in order for another album session. Everyone from TAI  sat in this very white recording studio, dressed for the cold that California brought during this season.

A feeling of soft anticipation

Another confrontation I won't make

"Now that was a reference to THAT." Will said.

Will had been recused for more then four months, and he still refered to the beforehand situtation as 'THAT', all capital. He still couldn`t say the name.

We all gave him time, but we wanted this suffering to end. William-"Becks to you Aussie!"-was the most kindest, caring person I have ever met. He shouldn`t carry THAT around with him for the rest of his now-free life.

But how do we do it

We turned into something else entirely

We fake it

But I wanted it so desperately to be real

"Bilvy do you mean fake happiness?"

The room turned silent as Sisky`s question was left unspoken.

"Bilvy-sorry, I didn`t mean..."

"Sometimes, people fake things in order to accomplish two things. One is getting attention. The second is that they are hiding what they truly feel in order to comfort other people. I believe that I lean towards the latter." the firm, soft spoken Becks stated.

I was silent as the group contiued to agrue over his words.

I felt a vibrate, realizing it was phone.

A text?
People only texted me during a session if it was very important....

Becks: Are you ok Aussie?

I grin, glancing up to see him frowning in puzzlement and worry.

Silly Becks.

Aussie to Becks: Ya. Just thinking about what you said. It was very....eye-opening.

I watch as he grins, laughing slightly. Meeting eye-to-eye, he mouths "Eye opening?"

Aussie to Becks: Yes, eye-opening you jerk. Don`t pretend you don`t know. What has everyone been telling you?

I watch in futher amusement as he sighs.

Becks: That I`m amazing, wonderful, an "Angel" sent from above.

Aussie to Becks: You better believe it.

"C`mon guys, we have a session to do! Becks, finish reading your lyrics!" I say as the others contiue to agrue about whatever they have thought of.

Poor Will in disbelief about my last text.

Run, run, holding on to some pieces that you left behind

"The pieces you left..."

"Must you always intruppt!" Mike crys, slapping Sisky across the backside of his head.

Hope now, as I walk away, you're the one that finds me out

"The one....being Gabey?"

"Gosh Sisk, must you ALWAYS say what you`re thinking?!"

"I don`t! That is.."

"Sisky you always say..."

"HUSH!" Butch intruppts. "Let Bilvy finish! This song is really insightful!"

Aussie to Becks: Told ya.

Run from the only thing left that I hold close

"More MORE!" Sisky bounces up and down in his seat, excited like a child ready to get a treat.

While he's letting you in

"Oh la la..." SMACK!

You've got the feeling you've been followed under your skin

"Meaning the MASTER you fail to say the name?"

"Sisky, I have no right.."

"No right? You have every right! He held you for THREE years..."

Will quickly intruppted, holding a hand up to silence Sisky. "It was two years, Sisk, not three. Besides, Master did not capture me. It was some creepy old guy named Jeff."


"I was taken by a 55-year-old man and sold to a brothel for a year. Master bought me and kept me for two years."

Aussie to Gab Sap and Petey Boy: Becks was taken by a 55yr man named Jeff and sold to a brothel for a yr. Master bought him and had him for 2 yrs.

"What was the brothel like?" Mike asks.

"I met some of the most creative people ever. Sure, they did some terrible things in their life, but they were lovable people. After 'work', as we called it, we organized everyone together and sang songs. Kinda like the Fablous Groupo. The 'elders', the ones that were there the longest, and I organized night-escapes were we would take
'youngings' and leave them at various church centers. I wonder what happened to them since I`ve gone..."

Petey Boy: A Jeff? I`m calling the police and telling the Dect. that info

Gab Sap: He wasn`t captured by his Master?

Aussie to Petey Boy: Thanks.

Aussie to Gab Sap: Nope. This 55 yr old man named Jeff.

"Were you always a saint?" I ask.

He blushes, looking down at his feet.

Gab Sap: Did he do anything?

Aussie to Gab Sap: Nope. Sold to a brothel for a yr then bought by Master

"But as I was reading before that little side adventure..."

Gab Sap: How does that count as nothing?

Aussie to Gab Sap: Well, at least Jeff didn`t....

It will be weighing on your shoulder, believe it.

"What`s weighing?"

"Your face at 10 pounds."

"That is actually a proven fact! 10 pounds of your weight is your head weight!"


Gab Sap: That`s true. I`m just worried about this brothel...

If I could express it in a different dialect or in a delicate way

I'd capture the phrases inside the cage beneath my chest

And keep it locked for days

"Locked away?" Sisky shouted in disbelief.

I wanted you so desperately to believe me

"Well, we do Becks!" Sisky again intruppted.

Since the group was esembled into a little circle, Will was on one side while Sisky was sitting next to his boyfriend of two months Butch. Reaching across, he squeezed Sisk`s hand and said a silent "I know."

Run, run, why are you running from another conversation?

Aussie to Gab Sap: You have to talk to Will about that.

Gab Sap: He`s not running from this!

Someone that I've been planning on, you're the one that finds me out.

"Cough Gabey CoughCough" I mumble just my amusement. Sisky nods his head as he laughs.

There's nowhere, now I found you, that I won't go.

"Is that a promise?" Butch yells, joking as he joke-punches Sisky.

"Haha that was SO funny!" Mike rolls his eyes.

I'm always letting you in.

You've got the feeling you've been followed under your skin.

"Are you feeling followed?"

Will looks down, softly saying "Everywhere I go I feel eyes on the back on me."

"Have you seen....this master of yours?" Mike asks, grabbing Will`s hand to comfort him.

I can hardly imange seeing your best friend so broken.

"No. But I think he`s planning on something soon. I just don`t know how to tell Gabey."

"Follow your own lyrics, Will- It will be weighing on your shoulder- you don`t deserve that."

Aussie to Gab Sap: Will has something to tell you. Something about STALKING

Will laughs, "Touche`"

You've got that seed in you. Sisky mocks.

Gab Sap: On it

You've got that scene in you.

"And why should you Run, run, what are you running from? Will?" Butch contiues, holding the lyrics in his hand.

"Let all your small steps expose your secrets." Mike contiues.

"You don't have to speak for me to believe it!" I laugh, watching Will roll his eyes.

But what do you mean? Mike pokes me as he says this.

Yeah...ha-ha I grin.

"Guys! C`mon let me finish so we can record!" Will grabs the paper back.

Shaken and faint, you've got the feeling you've been followed Butch pointed out, using his memory to remember while he twirled his drumstick around.

under your skin. It will be weighing on your shoulder.

You've got that seed in you.

You've got that scene in...

While letting you in, you got the feeling you've been followed.

"Are you listening to anything I said?" Mike shouts.

Said to anything I said Butch shouts back.

You've got that seed in you

Said (You've got that scene in you)

Shaken and faint, it was the hardest thing to swallow.

Pretending you don't miss me.
Will sings while wrapping an arm around Sisky.

Must be a best-friend thing.

You've got that seed in you.

You've got that scene in...

While letting you in, I'll be thinking about tomorrow. 
Sisky sings softly.

And every time we cross those lines.

You've got that seed in you.

You've got that scene in...

Hope now, as I walk away, you're the one that finds me out.

"That hour to read through. Now let`s get down to business!" Butch shouts as he leaps to his drumkit.

"I won`t be running this time, Sisky. Never again." I hear Will whisper to Sisk before he lets go.

"And you, Aussie....let`s just say you better be running towards your guitar!" Will jokes as he stands.

Throwing a paper wad, I obey his command.

Well, after I stick my tongue out.

Oh! And we finished the CD front for the Will CD.

The CD (Front):



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