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'Nothing Else To Lose (But You)' Chapter 25, Part B

Title: There`s Nothing Else To Lose (But You)
Author: ClariesR4ever
Pairing: Gabe Saporta/William Beckett (Others)
Rating: Teen, Mature
POV:  Gabe/Will
Summary: Cobra Starship was getting bigger and brighter each way. But of course, fame had a price. Each of the Cobras lost a bit of their true selves. However that all changed the night when Gabe meet William, an abused sexually emotionally and physically intern aka slave for one of the bands on tour. Through these diary pages, is the year-long adventure of Gabe and William.

Warnings: mentions of abused, neglected, singing, lovesick boys! Oh and Fuel For Ramon bands


“We`ll be the cutest couple in the mall!” I tease.

We do plan to be wed in August. We`re having it at my friend Tony`s house in Vermont, under his apple tree in his backyard. My sister Court as my best maid since I`m the "wife" of the relationship...Gabe`s brother Lucin being best man. We`re only inviting the label, Gabe`s family, all of our neighbors, and some "lost"-now found-friends. And we might, just MIGHT be moving to Chicago....

Previous Chapters:

Song of the chapter: "Let`s Groove" by Earth, Wind and Fire


Official Editor: Hayman

Gabe`s Journal

It has been three days since our last meeting with Master. For the rest of that day and night he shook in my arms, crying his precious little heart out. It hurt me, it cut me to only just hold him. I must have fallen asleep, because I remember a light shake waking me. Opening my eyes, Bilvy stood, wrapped in a blanket smiling at my still waking-up eyes.

“Good morning” he says, kissing me on the lips.

“Bill?” I say, disbelief.

“Who else would it be, Gabey?” he giggles. “Unless…”

I catch his joke, and pull him towards me to kiss him back. “I love you” I whisper.

“I love you too. Now let`s go shopping!”

I continue to sit as he hurries around the room to change.

“Are…are you sure that`s a good idea?”

He stops, and turns to me. “Gabey, I had my cry and now I`m alright. Just…j-just stick close to me this time, ok?”

I rush to envelope him in my arms, to hold him-the warm body the wonderful smells-as he smiles. “I won`t leave you. Ever again.”

He sighs, turning towards me. “Gabe, we might have to on somedays. Just right now, ok?”

“William, I promise you we`ll always be together, even when we`re apart. Remember the matching hoodies? The purple ones? The one you ALWAYS travel with, even when we go to the market?”

“You promised you`d stop with the teasing!”

“And you thought I meant that?!” I tease back, kissing him again.

“I hoped so. Guess not…”

“Let`s go, ok?”

He nods, rushing to grab his clothes and shower. I am much slower, slowly grabbing a purple hoodie, neon shirt, red belt, jeans and my trademark shoes.

 As time passes, my worry begins to mount. What if Will was truly not ready for this trip?

What if he froze or had a panic attack?

All these “What ifs” rushed through my mind.

Sure, he said he was ready, but I was doubting if he meant it.

“Gabey stop thinking so hard or you`ll stroke.”

I look up and giggle. Seriously, this was a beautiful Kodak moment…he was wearing my matching purple hoodie!

Not just THAT though, don`t get dirty on me.

He was wearing a white Cobra Starship tee, dark jeans and his new black slip-ons. He was blushing by now, but I just had to say it, I had to…

 “We`ll be the cutest couple in the mall!” I tease.

"Haha you`re so funny!" he says, grabbing his keys and wallet.

20 minutes later

As Will pulls the car to a stop, I notice his shaking hands. Did he want to go home?

"You ok?" I ask, turning down the radio. He pauses, hands still gripping the steering wheel.

"Just...just give me a minute." he mumbles, breathing in and out. Several more.

Maybe this wasn`t a good idea. It was too soon, and I should have stopped this idea before this. He needs to go home, he needs to be cuddled...

"Gabey? Gabey are you ok?" There`s my selfless Will.

"Ya. Are you sure you`re ok? Ready for this?"

"Ya." He says, opening the car door to exit.

Attached to page...newspaper clip



Shopping together hand in hand and wearing

matching purple hoodies (Saporta`s trademark)

is Cobra Starship`s frontman Gabe Saporta

and new frontman William Beckett from

The Academy Is..! The couple was sighted at

a local New Jersey shopping mall, bags in hand.

The couple plan to have a August wedding in 2009.

Will`s Journal

First of all, I am flattered to be call the new frontman of TAI. It`s still a shock that I`m back into a group-a project-that I (and Mike) started when I was 14.

The matching hoodies-I absoultely love that. I keep the newspaper article-a pic of Gabe and I, matching hoodies and holding hands..did I mention his look of complete content and love?-in my wallet. I still pull it out and look at it in disbelief.

Maybe I`m a broken record-but I can`t believe I`m back. Fully back and ALLOWED to be William Beckett. Not a toy, pet or paid for...but William Beckett. The lucky 18 year old, able to return to society. God.

We do plan to be wed in August. We`re having it at my friend Tony`s house in Vermont, under his apple tree in his backyard. My sister Court as my best maid since I`m the "wife" of the relationship...Gabe`s brother Lucin being best man. We`re only inviting the label, Gabe`s family, all of our neighbors, and some "lost"-now found-friends. And we might, just MIGHT be moving to Chicago....

Once, when I was ready to face my hometown, Gabe and I flew there. I visited my mother and I`s graves. Both very simple and my dad`s style. I wonder what happened to him. Anyway, while I was visitng we stopped at the local diner to grab some lunch. Ruth, who still looked radiant and lovely-asked us what we wanted to drink. To me, I was hanging out with the crew (group) and ordered

"A Sunny Will, please."

It had my favorite, not because it was based on me. It was Sunny D mixed Sprite and Cherry Soda with two splashes of Cream Soda.

She looked at me in shock. Gabe was frowning puzzled.

"Sir? That`s not on the..."

"Menu? Sorry Ruthie, I didn`t mean.." but it was too late. Ruthie had slipped, and the only person to ever get away with calling her that was her husband and the "late" Will.

She stared for a full minute before..."Will?" she whisphered, shocked.

"Hey Ruthie." I mumbled.

"WILL!" she screamed, hugging and crying at once. I hugged her back. She was like a second mom to me, she cared for me when my dad kicked me out, when I disagreed with my friends...when I needed homework help. She was always there, and now, she`s back.

Back in my life.

So we talked. I told her the G-rated verison of my capture and years, how I met Gabe, how I lived in New Jersey, had a puppy. She was beaming at Gabe.

"What`s new with Barry?"

Smiling, she told how old man Ted Goggle stepped up and delievered for the town. The changes and postive he had put back into Barry. I was glad. He was a kind, gentle yet firm "old" man whom loved hanging and joking with kids, helping with projects or around the school.

"What-What-" I paused, taking a breath before blurting out "Whateverappenedtomydad?"

Yet Ruth understood.

"Oh honey, when Court left for California he got depressed. Started being withdrawn...moody...he commited sucide."

That was a blow, I`ll tell you. I didn`t expect it.

"Why is Court in California?" I ask, numb to the news.

"She`s living with your Aunt Beth."

Aunt Beth. Wife of Late Husband Jerry, my dad`s older brother. Had Susan, age sixteen (or at least when I last seen her)

"He left the house open for sale...." Ruthie contiued.

The house.

The house of both dreams and good times while tears and blood.

"Will?" Gabe said.

"Do you believe in second chances, Gabey?"

He paused, then with a quick, full Gabe Saporta cried "Yes."

"Let`s try this 2nd chance."

So, with Ruthie and Gabe`s support, we bought the house in Barry. We plan to fix it up sometime after New Years, after we announce to everyone our plans.

It saddens me to leave New Jersey, to leave our neighbors who have welcome us since day 1. 


I can`t wait to move back to Barry. It feels like I`m 16 again. Like nothing went wrong.



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