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Nothing Else For Me To Lose (But You) (1/?)

Title: There`s Nothing Else To Lose
Author: ClariesR4ever
Pairing: Gabe Saporta/William Beckett
Rating: Teen, Mature
POV: Gabe`s Journal
Summary: Cobra Starship was raising in fame, getting brighter and even more famous each day. They feel the famous 'high' of the success; the wild parties, the screaming obessed fans, the free alcohol. But it all comes crashing down for Gabe when one late July he crosses paths with the tall, neglected, when noticed abused mentally and physically William Beckett, a intern whom still has hope for the future.
Warnings: mentions of abused, neglected, singing, lovesick boys! Oh and Fuel For Ramon bands
Disclaimer: Of course we can't say that this happened, but who knows? At least it's Gabilliam!
Teaser: “But, But…..MOM! It`s only 10:30!” Nasty Nate claimed, now helping the fallen Ryland and Alex get back on their feet, only for them to fall backwards again, making Nate fall along with them.
"And that the reason why you have to go to bed, boys!" Vicky, aka Mom as she referred to by all the bands, snapped back.

Song of the Chapter: Shake It by Metro Station

Prologue Chapter:

”The city is at war!” screamed Alex, splashing some of his expansive, French-name wine from his cup onto the cold concrete. He continued to stumble, being the lightweight he was, drunkenly down the road.
“Playtime for the young and rich!” Ryland continued, doing a tiny tap dance over to Alex, pulling him closer and pulling one of Alex`s arm around his shoulder.
“Here Here!” toasted Nate, splashing some of his own wine as he wildly thrashed his hands in the air. He was not as thrashed as Alex, but was one step being there.
“Ignore me if you see me….” Vicky sung, leaning in closer to Gabe.
“`Cause I just don`t give a shiz” Gabe whispered back, grinning softly as Ryland and Nate tripped over their feet, going head over heels and landing hard on their butts.
“C`mon boys, we just have a few more feet to go till our HQ!”
“But, But…..MOM! It`s only 10:30!” Nasty Nate claimed, now helping the fallen Ryland and Alex get back on their feet, only for them to fall backwards again, making Nate fall along with them.
"And that the reason why you have to go to bed, boys!" Vicky, aka Mom as she referred to by all the bands, snapped back.
Gabe whistled, pulling his hat over his eyes to block the streetlight that was located right next to their HQ. He really wasn`t tired. Lyrics, conversations, and images just kept popping into his mind. Suddenly, warmth filled his left shoulder, and he turned to see what or who caused it. Looking up, Vicky, with her always warm hands, had grasped his shoulder.
"Hey Vick"
"Is everything alright, Gabe? You look...."
"POOPED!" Nate shouted from inside.
"Shush! No, I meant, troubled" Vicky completed.
"My brain won`t turn off."
Vicky smiled. Patting his shoulder, she leaned in closer, whispering, "Take a walk then."
"A walk?"
"A walk always clears the mind. Plus, you need some fresh air."
"I guess I`ll take a walk.."
"Go." Vicky pushed him gently towards the road. "It`ll help, Gabe."
"Ok" Gabe replied, giving a half hearted wave while Vicky entered the HQ.

As usual, Vicky was right. The crisp night made his mind sharp, thinking all his scattered thoughts quickly. He was getting tired, and his eyes were threatening to close any second, so he quickly twisted to head back to his warm bunk.
Increasing his pace, he hardly noticed the black shadow, racing in his direction.
At least, he didn`t when the shadow didn`t crash into him.
BOOM! The two tall bodies crashed, making Gabe trip over his own feet and land hard on his butt, while the shadow fell forward, scattering all his papers and books that were stacked in his hands.
"I`m s-s-sorry s-s-sir I did-didn`t s-see you" came the soft voice.
Gabe looked up, making the stranger bow his head and letting the soft brown curls cover his face. Gabe noted the baggy, too big flannel shirt, the dirty white t-shirt, the too big jeans that were hardly supported with the brown belt, the scraps that the stranger called shoes.
"It`s fine. We weren`t watching where we were going"
"No s-s-sir. I was`nt l-looking..."
"Hey!" Gabe said, making the stranger stop mid-sentence. "It`s both our fault. Not just yours."
"Alright" The musically soft voice compelled.
Gabe smiled, and helped collect the scattered papers. Curious by nature, he started to read a few, and was totally blown away. They were lyrics. Beautiful, fresh, honest lyrics that went straight to his soul.

I saw you dancing
And I couldn't get you off my mind
I could tell that you could tell
That I was taking my time
But I was thinking of ways
To get you to stay tonight
Body's shaking
Tell me off so I can turn off the lights

"That, that was beautiful." Gabe said, handing the stranger the half ripped paper.
"Not re-really."
"They`re beautiful! I mean, they`re so..."
"Useless. Like me"
"What!? Why, why on earth would you...believe...."
"My m-master says that."
"Master?" Gabe questioned, getting up on his two feet while the stranger continued to stuff all his papers in his bag. "Why would you..."
The stranger finally looked up, the hair parting and showing a pale face. A face that was too pale, a face with a long cut on its right side. The brown eyes that screamed fear, anxiety, and pain.
"Oh my........"
"S-sorry s-s-sir, I know its s-such a ter-rible sight" The stranger said, bowing his pale face a little lower and keeping his eyes on the ground. "I did-didn`t m-m-mean to a-alarm you"
"Hey." Gabe cut in, crouching down to gently grab the pale boy`s chin. Softly humming, he lifted the head, meeting once again the beautiful storytelling eyes. "You didn`t 'alarm' me. I just can`t believe a beautiful boy like you believes he`s useless. I believe that your 'master' is lying to you, just to put you down."
"You th-think I`m b-beautiful?"
"Yes" Gabe said, smiling.
"R-re-really?" The boy begged, a slight smile gracing his lips.
"Yes. I can hardly keep my eyes off you."
Blushing, the boy looked down. "I don`t be-believe you."
"Well, you should, because you, my love, are such a breath-taking boy I just want to cuddle you like a Teddy Bear."
Blushing even more, the boy lifted his head, smiling.
“See? You`re so adorable”
“I`m, I`m William.” The boy said, holding out his even paler right hand.
“Gabe.” Gabe said, grasping his hand to the boy`s, William`s he meant, hand.
“WILLIAM!!!!!!!” screamed a drunken voice. It was husky, low, and off key.
William tensed, bringing his belongings, mostly a beaten up backpack and worn notebooks, closer.
“Will, who`s…”
“I ha-have t-t-to go. I`m s-s-sorry Gabe. Maybe I`ll s-s-see y-you a-around?”
Gabe grasped William`s hand, starring deep into the brown orbs.
“Are you in trouble?”
“Yes. I m-must go. Be-before I get in-into m-more.” William said, standing and wiping the dirt off his jeans.
“Give me your cell right quick”
“Cell. Quick.”
Patting his pockets, William quickly produced his phone, a beat up EnV2.

Contacts, New…..
Name: Gabey
And he plugged in his number.

“Please, I h-have to g-go”
“Here, Call anytime you need me.” He said. “Anytime” he stressed.
William nodded, and said “I will”
Gabe frowned, watching the pale, thin boy rush toward the drunken voice, who was stilling screaming and calling him swear words.
He hoped William would be alright.
He hoped William would call.
Because despite the denial his head was giving, he had already, MAYBE slightly, fallen head over heels for this boy.
Tags: chaptered: nothing else for me to lose, gabe/william

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