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The Lonely Beast and The Troubled Beauty (TLB + TTB) Masterpost

Title: The Lonely Beast and The Troubled Beauty
Author: ClariesR4ever
Pairing: Gabe Saporta/William Beckett
Rating: Teen, Mature
POV: Varies

William Eugene is the 17-year-old shy Junior that travels around the US everytime his mom remarries, which is often. He has learned to be un-social. Hardly uses his voice to speak. What`s the point? No one listens to him anyway. He just silently wishes that one day he would find a love that will be forever his, just like the 'fairytales' he reads in his books.
Gabriel Eduardo is an 18-year-old lazy Senior, born in wealth and able to pay his way to the top. His whole High School experience has been parties, parties, school, parties, parties....etc. Popular with both boys and girls, he the partyer of all partyers. His GPA is non-exist, his grades the lowest anyone has ever known.

With a step in from the principal, the beauty and the beast meet. Over time, the two bring out the fears the other has hid.....Gabe`s fear of loneliness, and William`s hunt to find true love.
Warnings: mentions of abused, neglected, singing, lovesick boys! Oh and Fuel For Ramon bands

Disclaimer: Of course we can't say that this happened, but who knows? At least it's Gabilliam!

1- http://clariesr4ever.livejournal.com/26763.html